Why foreign language

MyBhasha™ is the brainchild of four decades of unique pedagogy developed by Dante Institute of Foreign Languages™. Welcome to our online avatar!

Career oriented

Chosen as one of the most emerging career options by most of the employment bureau .

Globalise your business

Expand your business all over the world and Take the world in your stride.

Ease of communication

Give your clients an “At-Home” feeling by speaking with them in their native language.

Better job growth

Get priority in promotions at office as the language skill makes you exclusive.It is observed that multi-linguists are recruited 30% faster and still get 25% more salary.

Therapeutical benefits

Science studies say that learning a foreign language has many cognitive benefits such as memory improvement, longer attention span, and prevention from psychological disorders such as dementia.

Permanent asset

The knowledge of a foreign language is like a permanent asset which doesn’t need to be updated again and again once acquired sufficiently.

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